I am a 28 year old military spouse and mom of one (for now) who is also a survivor of PTSD and postpartum depression & anxiety. Our family currently resides in Washington state, but I have lived in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. I am a full time teacher, dog mom, nature enthusiast, and lover of all things dark and sarcastic.

In the past, I had kept a blog to document the journey of being a Navy girlfriend. I never intended it to be public, but being young and ignorant, I never realized it was available for the whole internet to read! Years later, I still received e-mails to moderate comments left on my blog. There were so many young girls reading my story, asking for advice, and telling me that my posts had helped them through such a tough time in their life. After a little bit of hesitation (and fear!!!) I decided to move forward with a “real” blog that would be intentionally open to the public.

The concept of “Imperfectionist Mom” came from my life motto, “Perfectly Imperfect”. I’ve spent my whole life striving for perfection, but have learned that imperfection is more than perfect for me.